Network marketing

Network marketing

Today I want to explain my wonderful job: network marketing.

There is a lot of information on the net, yet there is still a lot of confusion.

I will start by telling you what Network Marketing is NOT.

Network Marketing is NOT an illegal activity, it is not a scam, it is not a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid system (the pyramids are still in Egypt) in which only those at the top earn, and whoever enters last earns the others just spending a lot of money.

Let’s clarify the infinite possibilities of this crazy activity, which has been fundamental in my life for four years, and is my only source of income.

Network Marketing is the best sector in the world, the costs to start your business are minimal, there is no financial risk for you or your family and you can carry out this activity anytime, anywhere, part time or full time.

The system is very intelligent, indeed brilliant from my point of view.

Companies that use the multilevel marketing system, use their distributors to convey their products, thus avoiding the cost of advertising, and prefer to invest in people and product quality.

The products of the companies that use this system are in fact of the highest quality and are not found on supermarket shelves or in common shops.

The activity of those who promote products in the Network Marketing sector is divided into two: the direct sale of the product and the construction of a work team.

By working on your own network of knowledge, or promoting the opportunities to do business with the chosen company to other people, you can build a distribution network and your own downline, on the work of which you will be entitled to commissions and any bonuses.

Those who work in network marketing therefore make money both by selling products directly and by giving the same job opportunity to other people.

It is the most meritocratic work that exists. The marketing plans of the best companies in the sector reward merit: if you don’t sell, you don’t earn. There is no escape.

If you don’t network you don’t earn and if your network doesn’t sell you don’t earn.

If, on the other hand, you work well, you constantly and effectively sponsor the products and create a team that works, there is no limit to what you can get.

Collaborating with the right company then, it is she herself who deals with product development, general costs, premises and deliveries. As a distributor you don’t have stocks, you don’t have a staff and you have no expenses for the premises, and this is wonderful.In short, you can be an entrepreneur of yourself but without having all the expenses that you have for example by opening a business, I have had it and I know something about it.

Caution. Obviously, as I said, it is an activity regulated by Italian law, fortunately.

Law number 173 of 2005 sets the limits within which a Multi-Level Marketing or MLM company must move to fully respect the Italian legal system.

As regards the activity of the distributor, there is Legislative Decree 114 of 1998.

Those who work in network marketing are subject to a definitive withholding tax in Italy, this means that the commissions that the company pays you are already taxed, a bit like an employee’s salary.

The withholding tax applied to multilevel marketing income is 17.94%, with an IRPEF rate of 23% on the first tax bracket, calculated on 78% of the taxable amount.

If you exceed the 5000 euro net of annual earnings with your distributor business, you will have to open a VAT number and register in the separate INPS management, in essence you will become in all respects a self-employed worker.

I hope I have been exhaustive. You just have to enter this fantastic world to start working like me online, collaborating with a leading company in the sector and growing!

I’ll wait for you in my team;)

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