Veronica Carbonaro

My name is Veronica Carbonaro, I am a mother of two children, I live in Milan and I am a professional networker, a digital entrepreneur who has made wellness and network marketing a successful lifestyle and active work, helping people to become the best version of themselves.

I hold the position of President in Ariix Corporate, a leading American company in the wellness sector, a rapidly growing company, with very important values ​​at the base, with which I am delighted to collaborate.

I was a single mom and a precarious worker for a long time, but I was a woman with many dreams.

At the age of thirty-four, the turning point. I got back into the game by completely transforming my working life and also my daily habits, finally starting to take care of myself, and so I started to communicate it to all the women!

This is where my networker activity comes from, from the desire to inspire people to take care of them, so I recommend it to all the women who ask me every day for information on the pages of my social networks.

Network Marketing was my chance to be reborn, it is freedom and independence for me; it’s a job that leads me to meet many people, to share their successes, it’s a job that has brought me so much happiness.

Anyone can do this job. You too !

Do you want to try it with me?

Network Marketing

Also called Multilevel Marketing, (Multi-Level Marketing or MLM), Network Marketing is a way to create a distribution network of products and services, thus becoming totally independent entrepreneurs of themselves.

Born in 1934, it has one goal: to distribute products and services. In practice it is a commercial channel.

To date, it has come to involve thousands of companies from all over the world, the most varied sectors and millions of people.

This is undoubtedly a very interesting and long-lasting phenomenon which allows direct sales of products all over the world.

The advantages of this system? Following traditional distribution channels, once a product leaves the factory before reaching the final consumer, it passes through a series of steps between the commercial intermediaries: official dealer, wholesalers, agents, end customer and at each intermediation step the product increases by price. Not to mention the costs of advertising.

According to some calculations, about 70% of the final price of a product is determined by the distribution costs from the producer to the consumer.

For this reason, direct sales have been so successful and continue to continue to do so. Companies can thus invest in the quality of the products, those conveyed with this system are in fact of the highest quality.

Direct sales develop in different channels: we work online.

I’ll explain everything in my blog follow me!

Network Marketing
Ask me for information without obligation

Ask me for information without obligation

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