Lady Network

Many people approach Network marketing without having any skills, and this is fine, even I didn’t have it. The important thing, however, is that once you have chosen the company, once you have registered, you will receive the right support and training to do this job better, because it is a job. This doesn’t always happen though.

Lady Network

This is the main reason why I decided to embrace this all-female project and to be one of the founders, Lady Network, because it is essential when choosing this activity, that you decide to do it in the most professional way possible. And the only way to be professional is to have training and above all the tools to be able to create a lasting business over time.

Lady Network is a movement that literally accompanies women towards the achievement of their goals and this spirit of sharing and creating an ethical and solid business TOGETHER with them, is our daily fuel!

To date Lady Network already has, one year after its foundation, 4000 women all over the world, all inspired by the same vision! It is extraordinary !

In one year the movement has become global thanks to a tested and functioning strategy, our partner company that supports us and our constant work on Social Networks.

A few weeks ago we celebrated a year of Lady Network with extraordinary results; despite the rather particular historical moment, the Company recorded a 158% growth in full lockdown phase, and this was by no means a foregone conclusion.

In short, a crazy team work because Lady Network was born for this reason, to support all the people who want to approach the world of network marketing, to give them a clear, effective strategy that helps them build a network and grow in this profession.

Are you curious about this activity but do you think you will not succeed, that you will not be able or that you know nothing about it ? Join us ! You will have all the tools to be successful! I wait for you

Online training

Tell the truth, if I say “training course” or “training day” it immediately comes to your mind: “who knows what city it will be in” or “who knows how many kilometers I will have to do”, or “who knows what it will cost”. Once upon a time it was so, and it is today also for many businesses and companies.

We do the training from the comfort of our home, and it has nothing less than the “traditional” training.

Online training

Our training is online, totally free and is the result of years and years of experience in the Network Marketing sector. Whether you are at home, therefore, or on the beach, or traveling, all you need is a good connection to be able to watch webinars and information material that is constantly updated, since we work with social networks and they too are always evolving.

Our training is constant, since every week we have video calls with the whole team and also webinars with a specific theme, but if you can't follow, don't worry, they are always recorded and you will find them in the training area, the one that will be given to you just you will become part of our team.

Our training is free, because it must be within everyone's reach.

Many people started this activity without any skills, with zero knowledge of the world of social media, but with our strategy and our tools they managed to achieve success.

And the basis for this, is training.



Lifestyle is the way a person lives, it is the interest in what surrounds him, it is exchange of opinions, it is interaction with the environment, it is culture, fun, it is food, it is fitness, it is in short the art of live well.


Each individual builds his or her own lifestyle and for each one it will be different, deriving mainly from the interaction with the surrounding environment.

When you work with a multi-brand company, which deals with well-being at 360 degrees, attentive to our every need, it is natural that your lifestyle attracts people around you. Not only because you travel, you allow yourself many small luxuries that before you could not give yourself, but also because you are visibly more beautiful and fit, and full of energy! This definitely makes the difference!

I immediately embraced the philosophy of this company for this reason, because each brand helps me in my daily life and helps me to have a healthy lifestyle and to influence the people around me to have it!

The lifestyle we have is not always healthy but the luck is that we can always improve it! And communicating it to the whole world thanks to social media, and to our enthusiasm, we create not only our lifestyle, but also our Brand and consequently we build our online business by inspiring others to do the same .. it's wonderful!


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